Day 3 Decide/Converge

May 15, 2015

Day 3! Lots of brainstorming has been, so now it’s time to choose one of the solutions.

Look out for conflicts

Since I’m solo on this project, I didn’t run into many conflicts. Although, I had several ideas for the general look and feel of the website:

Should there only be posts? In a few of the sketches, I had some projects on the home page. For now, I will leave posts on the home page and add a portfolio later.

Design Language… Should I create my own style, pick a framework, or do both? I decided to look at Google’s Material Design, since it answers most of my existing design choices.

Test Assumptions

Identifying assumptions about your users is important. Since this is a basic website, coming up with assumptions was really difficult. If this project was more like an application or more user dependent, I would create a testing plan for the assumptions I had identified.

User Storyboard

This storyboard is to focus the team on what will be prototyped. In my case, the problem I have is not unique since it’s a simple website. So I will skip this step and move on to the prototype day.


This was the day to narrow down the ideas generated and choose the ones I want to prototype in day four. Today worked well for a solo project, but would have translated well in a team environment.

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