Day 2 Diverge

May 7, 2015

Here is the Google venture post to go with day two.The diverge step is when “everyone” breaks off and creates as many ideas as possible.

Day 2 breaks down like this: 1.) Choose part of the problem, 2.) Take notes, 3.) Mind map, 4.) Crazy eights, 5.) Story board, 6.) Silent critique, 7.) Three-minute critiques, and 8.) Super vote. The last two steps are for teams, but everything thing else will translate really well for a solo project.

Break it down

Take a part of the story and run the eight steps. Repeat this process for each part of the story. My goal is to build a simple website. The site will only be a handful of pages, so the story could be broken down like this:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Blog Posts

Mind Map

Take all of the ideas and loosely organize them onto paper.

Frank Code Mind Map

Questions I asked:

  • Design language?
  • Canvas particle effects?
  • Off screen nav with hamburger icons?
  • Will Home have recent blog posts? Or should this be its own page?

Now each one of these problems should get addressed in the next group of activities.

Crazy 8s

Take a piece of paper and fold it into eight sections. You now have about five minutes to sketch out your ideas. This comes out to 40 seconds per section. I will tell you right now it goes by extremely fast.

Frank Code Crazy Eight

Story Board

Now take the ideas you have generated and create a drawing of an actual UI that will be shared with the group. This is still just a sketch, no prototypes yet! In a team setting, this sketch needs to stand alone, without any an explanation, presentation, or your name.

Frank Code Crazy Eight

Critiques? Super Vote?

No critiques today, since I am running this solo.In a team setting this would be one of the most important steps.


It helped to take part of the problem and then focus it down with the sketches and story boards. This day translated well to a solo project, but I am sure having a team would definitely improve the value of this day.

  1. Day 1 Understand
  2. Day 2 Diverge
  3. Day 3 Decide
  4. Day 4 Prototype
  5. Day 5 Validate