Personal Design Sprints

April 23, 2015

Staying on track and following through with personal projects is a real struggle for me, whether it’s building an app or developing a website. At work, I am able complete projects on time adhering to all the requirements, but all my personal projects somehow end up in a prototype graveyard and most of them don’t even get out of the design phase. I would complete a part of the redesign, only to become distracted and start a redesign of the redesign.

After reading articles from the Google Ventures team about design sprints, I decided to implement their ideas and apply them to this redesign of my website.

"There was something magical about a tight time constraint combined with individual work, prototyping, and quick user feedback." -Jake Knapp

I am going to keep it simple and follow the schedule set by Google Ventures:

  1. Day 1 Understand
  2. Day 2 Diverge
  3. Day 3 Decide
  4. Day 4 Prototype
  5. Day 5 Validate